Carbon Taxes Make Ireland Even Greener

Ireland facing a fiscal crisis has imposed a major reform involving a carbon tax and success is both solving the fiscal crisis and well as turning Ireland into a much greener with its emission dropping by 15% since 2006. Ireland is a model for other countries to follow.

The Irish Government imposed taxes on most of the fossil fuels used by homes, offices, vehicles, and farms, based upon each fuels carbon content. Prices for oil , natural gas and kerosene rose sharply and taxes were imposed on household trash by pound weighed at the curb.

Traditionally one of Europe’s highest per capita producers of greenhouse gases , with levels near those of the United States, greenhouse gas emissions have steadily ddeclined. Although much of that decline can be attributed to the recession associated with the crisis, , changes in Behavior also played a major part. Emission’s dropped by 7% in 2011, even as the economy grew marginally.


Elisabeth Rosenthal, Carbon Taxes  Make Ireland Even Greener, New York Times December 28, 2012